About Flei

A professional team, with long technical experience in this field,guarantees the use of materials with high technological contents and their manufacturing to meet any request of special cables, according to the standards in use: CEI, BS, IEC, VDE, NFC. The capabilities of our technical office and of the Sales division are available to propose valid solutions in accordance with production specifications provided by clients. Our product range is not limited to what shown in this catalogue and we are available to offer our knowledge and production capability for any industrial need. Flei has the pleasure to offer to its Partners its flexibility, dynamism and competence.

Our mission

Focus on market, the Flei cables follow the constant performance improvement at all the levels, to fully and quickly satisfy any customer need, in accordance with national and international lows and specifications. The main factors to follow the mission are:

  • THE TRUST that the Flei Cables must provide to develop strong market relationships with its customers and suppliers and to motivate the human resources inside the company.
  • THE CLARITY as a constant in the business etichs.
  • THE TEAM FEEL as a cohesive factor to obtain an efficient and effective activity and to generate a corporate identity in accordance with the mission.
  • THE VOCATIONAL EDUCATION as a continous improvement for the communication, the performance and the competencies ad as an arrangement during the installation of new technologies.
  • THE QUALITY as a Total Quality, to prepare and to qualify the firm to the market request.
  • THE INNOVATION is producing, in managing, in organizing and in marketing.
  • THE ENVIRONMENTAL CARE as a method to save and to protect our planet.